Organic Kiwifruit

One of nature's perfect foods, our Kiwifruit is sourced from top growers in both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres to ensure a year round supply. The fruit is harvested at the ideal time to ensure the peak flavor and perfect ripeness.

Organic Gold Kiwifruit

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Nearly identical in composition and nutrition to Green Kiwifruit, Gold Kiwifruit is its dazzling blonde sister. Its sun-kissed, golden flesh is slightly sweeter than that of Green Kiwifruit, with hints of banana and mango flavor. Gold Kiwifruit also has a distinctive outer appearance, with an oblong shape and smoother, more hairless skin.

Awe Sum Organics Kiwifruit is harvested at the perfect time to ensure peak flavor and ripeness. Brix levels are carefully monitored throughout the growing season. The fruit isn’t harvested until measurements are just right. Awe Sum Organics works closely with each grower to ensure a high taste standard.

New Zealand: May—September
Italy: November—January
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