Awe Sum Organics adding year-round organic Fair Trade avocado program!

November 10, 2022

Awe Sum Organics adding year-round organic Fair Trade avocado program

David Posner, president, CEO and founder of Awe Sum Organics
David Posner, president, CEO and founder of Awe Sum Organics
( Awe Sum Organics)

By TOM KARST November 3, 2022

Awe Sum Organics is growing its organic lineup in a number of ways, says David Posner, president, CEO and founder of Awe Sum Organics, Santa Cruz, Calif.

The company offers organic fruit exclusively, he said.

“We are 100% focused on not only our organic mission, but on our organic fruit,” he said. “We're really an organic specialist.”

Awe Sum is adding a year-round organic Fair Trade hass avocado program, using organic growers in Mexico and Colombia.

“One hundred percent of our avocados are organically grown and will be Fair Trade certified, enabling us to promote year-round with organic, ethically sourced fruit in our label that is clearly differentiated as organic only,” he said. The company monitors the dry matter levels of its avocados to assure optimum flavor and eating quality, he said.

“Awe Sum Organics believes in offering ethically sourced avocados,” Posner said. “All irrigation for our Columbian organic avocados is from natural rainfall and soil quality is maintained and enhanced organically to create nutrient-rich and dense soil.”

Organics Fair Trade Certified Hass Avocados from Colombia and Mexico will begin arriving this fall, he said

Posner said Awe Sum also has added two Peruvian organic grape growers (one in northern Peru and one in southern Peru) and a South African organic grape grower to increase and fill in gaps in its supply from December through April.

In addition, Posner said the company’s supply of organic gold kiwi continues to increase, noting that the popularity and demand for gold kiwi continues to “invigorate” total kiwifruit sales.

Awe Sum Organics works with grower partners in Peru, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Greece and the U.S. to grow, pack and ship organic seedless grapes, green, gold, and red kiwi, hass avocados, apples, pears, blueberries and citrus fruit to customers in the U.S. and Canada, Posner said.

“This is to fulfill our mission of providing a full and bountiful supply of high-quality, fresh and in-season organic fruit year-round in a sustainable manner for our customers and consumers,” he said.

Currently, Posner said the firm’s most popular and high-volume items are its seedless grapes and gold kiwi.

“Awe Sum Organics is the largest importer into the U.S. of organic grapes from the Southern Hemisphere, and we sell the most imported organic kiwifruit in the U.S. between our Zespri New Zealand Green and Gold, our Italian and Greek green and gold and our Chilean green kiwi,” he said.

Since 1985, Awe Sum Organics has been a leader in the organic movement, Posner said. “Throughout our growth, we have remained dedicated to the principles on which Awe Sum Organics was founded,” he said. “In addition to outstanding taste and quality, our fruit embodies core ethics, which we will never compromise. We believe in doing what is right for humankind and the environment.”